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The ongoing pandemic has shifted how things work globally. We live in a global village, making us put up boundaries to ensure safety. Ultra Healthcare Nursing Solutions  (UHNS) has not shied away from adapting its operation. That is why we provide quality healthcare services to patients in the safety and comfort of their living spaces. Choosing UHNS for your healthcare needs keeps you at ease. You can expect prompt, reliable, compassionate and affordable care at your doorstep.

We now offer direct primary care to our patients on a membership basis. One membership fee with unlimited possibilities. You will receive individualized care with comprehensive wellness plans tailored to your specific health needs. At no additional cost you get a dedicated health partner. Your personal doctor who really knows you and takes the time to address your health concerns all year round!

At UHNS we provide Telehealth and in-home services to patients who choose to stay home. In addition, we serve  patients who are home-bound due to medical or physical challenges. These services can be delivered at the patient’s own home, a nursing home, boarding care or absolutely anywhere they happen to be.

Ultra Healthcare Nursing Solutions stand by the age-old slogan of prevention is better than cure. Therefore, always educating our clients to take preventative measures to delay or eliminate on-set of a disease.  We strive to reduce symptoms of disease to lower the risk of hospital admissions. Our unique family medicine solutions provide health guidelines to individuals and entire their families. This comprehensive care package emphasizes the first steps to maintaining optimal health for you and your loved ones. Eventually with each visit (physical or virtual), we ensure to provide tips and advise to build a healthier future for all our patients.

Currently, UHNS provide services in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties.  We accept Medicare, cash, and credit card at this time. If you are someone who resides in any of these areas and are seeking quality healthcare, call at (951) 850-6565.